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Free HVAC System Analysis

A free system analysis by a WESCO 53 HVAC professional will help you understand what equipment you have installed, when it needs to be serviced, and how long you can expect it to last. 

Our free HVAC System Analysis has two steps:

  1. Identify equipment

    • Determine system and refrigerant type (hot water, forced air, heat pump, etc.)

    • Determine equipment age

    • Determine and make note of accessories (humidifier, UV air sanitizer, ERV/HRV, etc.)

  2. Assess performance

    • Combustion analysis​

    • Electrical analysis - current draw and load

    • Refrigerant pressures

    • Superheating / Subcooling readings


Give us a call or submit the form below, and we'll help you wrap your head around the equipment in your home, and ensure you have it for years to come

Get a Free System Analysis

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