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Maintenance Membership

We're proud to offer a Maintenance Membership like no other HVAC service firm in the area. For as little as $19 a month, subscribers receive:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance inspections for heating and cooling systems (see what this includes)

  • 10% discount on parts

  • Exclusive access to 24/7/365 emergency service
  • $100 on-site HVAC diagnostics and troubleshooting during regular business hours
  • Reduced rate warranty labor

This Maintenance Membership offers tremendous value to our loyal customers for what amounts to the cost of a single regularly-priced preventative maintenance visit - something all homes should be receiving annually for each system (see why in the next section). 

Appointment Type
Warranty Labor Appointment
$245 per hour + tax
$100 per hour + tax
Emergency Service Call Appointment (Evenings after 4pm and Weekends)
$345 + tax
$265 + tax
Repairs (Quoted Upon Diagnostics)
Flat Rate Pricing
10% off Flat Rate Pricing
Diagnostics Appointment (for example, no heat/cool, leaks, sounds, etc.)
$295 + tax
$100 + tax
Seasonal Tune-up Service Appointment
$265 + tax

Why do I need an HVAC Maintenance Membership?


Heating and cooling systems are far from a "set it and forget it" part of your home. Performing regular (twice yearly) maintenance can extend the life of your expensive HVAC equipment, reduce energy consumption (and your carbon footprint), saving homeowners significant amounts of money in the long term. 

Regular maintenance can also help to prevent unexpected breakdowns mid-season, when you need your heating or cooling system the most. These quick maintenance visits will ensure that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is as high as possible - they can even identify internal system issues that can cause to poor indoor air quality like dirty coils, or contaminated return filters. 

Why do I need a servic subscription?

What's included in an annual HVAC
Preventative Maintenance Inspection?

Heating System/Water Heater

  • Check gas valve for proper operation

  • Check indoor air filter and shaft

  • Check indoor blower wheel for dirt and balance

  • Check indoor thermostat for proper operation

  • Cycle and check out electronic ignition controls

  • Check main burners for proper ignition and flame

  • Check operation of draft inducer & thermocouple

  • Cycle and check draft blower

  • Check indoor blower motor V-belt, tension, and bearings

  • Oil indoor blower motor (if applicable)

  • Check for visible poor electrical connections

  • Check and cycle fan safety and upper limit switch  

  • Cycle indoor fan relay and check for proper operation

  • Check flame safety limits and safety controls

  • Check control transformers output voltage/FLA

  • Check indoor blower motor run capacitor and draw

  • Inspect bottom of water heater tank to check for any cracks or damage

  • Inspect overall water heater system to ensure proper operation

Cooling System

  • Check system operating pressures

  • Check condenser coil for blockage and clean

  • Check compressor starting and running amp draw

  • Check operating head and suction pressure

  • Inspect accessible areas for signs of leaks and rust

  • Inspect outdoor fan blade for damage and vibration

  • Oil compressor fan motor if needed and applicable

  • Ensure refrigeration charge is correct

  • Inspect high- and low-pressure safety controls 

  • Ensure all installed time delays function properly    

  • Inspect compressor terminal wiring - ensure no signs of burning, overheating, brittle insulation, or pinching

  • Inspect start and run capacitors for signs of arcing and deterioration


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